Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Epoch & Unix Timestamp Conversion Tools

Yes, this is just a shameless prop for a utility I happened to like.

Long story short - I was running a ping with a "-D" (timestamp) option and I wanted to see how to turn something like this:
[1480443528.089965] 1208 bytes from icmp_seq=21548 ttl=244 time=781 ms
[1480443529.079493] 1208 bytes from icmp_seq=21549 ttl=244 time=771 ms
[1480443530.119068] 1208 bytes from icmp_seq=21550 ttl=244 time=811 ms

into something where I would know when the ping happened without counting off seconds since the start of 1970.

So I started searching and found this utility site:

I think it is quite useful and so - have at it!